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What players around the country and world are saying

“Having played now twice with your double-strung racquet I would like to report that I am quite thrilled.  It is certainly different in many respects.   Going back to my ordinary, formerly excellent racquet, was like trying to swing a wooden log or an iron bar!”
Marten Lindstahl, Stockholm, Sweden

"My husband and I were in Canada in July and saw a program on television on the BB racquet.  We waited until we arrived in New York in September and purchased the racquet at a sports store on 5 th Avenue.  My sixteen year-old grandson who is on the ‘A’ team at St. Peter’s College, thinks it is the best racquet he has ever touched.  My husband plays tennis every Saturday on private courts and he thinks it is fantastic too.  Good luck and I hope to see it on the Centre Court at Wimbledon one day.”
Rosemary Henderson, Adelaide, Australia

“The product is fantastic.  I may have to change my annual winter vacation from Colorado to Arizona so I can play tennis rather than ski.”
Frank Brown, San Francisco, California

“I haven’t played twelve sets with the BB but after a few games I’ll never go  back.”
C. Hays, Ft. Worth, Texas

“I have been playing with my new Blackburne since May.  I have had good results in that I am making better shots- which means my game is improving.”
Lois Heinz, Coventry, Connecticut

"It did take me a bit to change my playing and let the racquet do the work- my tennis elbow is better and so is my playing-  I feel much more confident and although I have been off for 2 months (due to injury) I’m a better player than when I stopped-  Muchas gracias!”  
Lanita Lewis, Tucson, Arizona

“It’s truly an innovative product.  It makes so much sense.  You have to wonder why someone had not introduced it years ago! It’s rekindled my interest in tennis once again.”
Geoffrey Supko, Boise, Idaho

“Excellent racquet.  A lady who played with mine has just bought one.  She had a delicate shoulder and liked the damping.  Same for me.”
Robert Terry, Palm Beach, Florida                                                       

“Very good value for the world’s best racquet.”
Miss Rossana Vincent, Texas

“I like being one of the first pioneers!  I rate the Blackburne a 10 on all shots and a 10 plus, plus on mis-hit shots.  It’s a little head heavy but so what, it’s just great!”
Christopher Cene, Atlanta, Georgia

“There are a lot of $300 tennis racquets out there, but most play no better than a cheaper model.  This is UNIQUE.”
Thomas Durham, Tennessee

“I bought a Blackburne racquet recently in Miami and I think it has potential in Mexico.  If marketed correctly, I believe it would have great success in my country.”
Richard Sanchez Lazo, Mexico

“I like the swing weight.  It’s just right.  I would be miserable if I had to go  back to my old racquet.”
Sue Kent, London, England

I’ve got to have one!

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