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Double strung tennis rackets for tennis players of all levels

What people are saying about the BLACKBURNE Double Strung Racquet

Magazines rave about the Blackburne.

Teaching professionals use our racquet.

Touring professionals play and tell.

How we help competitive amateurs.

Why would seniors need this racquet?

What do players around the world think of the BBDS?

Professional stringers know how to string our racquet.

Juniors are improving their games now.


"the Blackburne Double Strung racquet...years in the making...designed to solve long-standing problems in racquet science."
Tennis Match

”The racquet has improved my serves, lobs, and drop shots by 50%”
Bev Raws, Director of Tennis, Boston Athletic Club

“...I’ve never played with a racquet so unique, and so lethal, as the Blackburne Double Strung.”
Lee Herrington of Herrington, The Enthusiasts’ Catalog.

“It’s added more power to my serve and a lot more bite and action to my serve and ground strokes.”
Rosco Tanner, Australian Open, Wimbledon Finalist, formerly ranked #4 in the world, current Nuveen Senior Tour Player

“...I had more kick [with the Blackburne racquet] in my serve and more accuracy at the net and I was able to beat someone who has consistently beaten me.  It’s the most innovative racquet that I have ever played with!”
Mark Tedeschi, 5.0 player, Massachusetts

"It’s not the easiest racquet to string, but it’s very straightforward and can be strung by any Certified Racquet Technician (CRT) and most professional stringers.”
Don Hightower, Technical Director, USTSA, Del Mar, California

"I picked up the Blackburne Double Strung and I just couldn’t put it down. Playing with it,  I won the USPTR 65 National Doubles Championship and was runner up in the Singles Championships.  I like the racquet.  The only problem with the racquet is getting people to change.  It’s much harder than you think."
Jim Ridgley, USPTA, USPTR, Senior Player and Teaching Professional, Washington, D.C.


"...My game has become a lot more consistent and with more spin (both top spin and backspin).  The racquet has also given me a lot more confidence to go for winners.”
Megan Tocknell, Victoria, Australia

“...It is certainly different in many respects.  Going back to my ordinary, formerly excellent racquet, was like trying to swing a wooden log or an iron bar!”
Marten Lindstahl, Stockholm, Sweden

"Whether you’re a rank beginner or a pro-caliber player, this new racquet promises to improve virtually every aspect of your game.  Over twenty years in development, it can give you more topspin, more slice on your serve, error-free topspin lobs, perfect smashes, and clean volleys."
The Sharper Image

"For the past year I have been hampered by shoulder and rotator problems. Ever since I started using the Blackburne Double Strung Racquet four months ago, the problem has gradually disappeared."
Anand Amritaj, Member of ATP Professional Tour US Open Semi Finalist,
Wimbledon Doubles Semi Finalist, Winner of 27 ATP and WCT Doubles Titles

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