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What touring pros are saying

Roscoe Tanner at WimbledonTouring Pros:

Roscoe Tanner,  Australian Open, Wimbledon Finalist, formerly ranked # 4 in the world, current Nuveen Senior Tour Player says:
  • “The Blackburne Double Strung Racquet is fantastic!”
  • “It’s added more power to my serve and a lot more bite and action to my serve and ground strokes.”
  • “I love how the Blackburne helps me to hit through the ball with great confidence.”
  • “I feel like I am hitting far more shots much more effectively with more rhythm and far less effort.”
  • “In short, the Blackburne is doing the work and I am hitting more comfortably and naturally than I have in years.”



Anand Amritaj, Member of ATP Professional Tour US Open Semi Finalist,
Wimbledon Doubles Semi Finalist, Winner of 27 ATP and WCT Doubles Titles says:

  • "For the past year I have been hampered by shoulder and rotator problems. Ever since I started using the Blackburne Double Strung Racquet four months ago, the problem has gradually disappeared. This has been a great relief to me and I attribute it entirely to the Blackburne Racquet."
  • "The pros I practice with have mentioned to me that ever since I started with the Blackburne, my shots seem more penetrating and appear to pick up additional speed after the bounce."
  • "The Blackburne has a very solid feel to it and the slice serve, in the deuce court, swings much wider with this racquet than any other."

I’ve got to have one!

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