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Tennis Racquets Double Strung by Blackburne Racquets


"The Blackburne Double Strung racquet has gone through many stages of evolution, with prototypes produced over the years in wood, aluminum, steel, fiberglass, Kevlar and ultimately graphite...We were lucky to have had two former NASA physicists on our research team and they brought with them not only knowledge of sophisticated materials used in the Space program but also the technology to enable the Blackburne Racquet to be made."

"The construction stabilizes the frame, significantly lessening the oscillations, vibrations, twistings and undulations to which conventional racquets are prone when a hard drive is delivered...The construction achieves this [stabilizing the frame] because it turns the racquet into a sort of BOX while the single strung racquet is more of a SLAB."
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Basic Physics of the Blackburne

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