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Technical Specifications of the Blackburne Double Strung RacquetTM

Frame:  100% High Modulus Graphite

Strings:  Synthetic gut 16-gauge

Tension:  Range suggested: 51-54 pounds

Head Size: 
107 square inches (model DS107)
97 square inches (model DS97)

Weight:  10.7 ounces, strung with vibration damper filter

Grip Sizes: 
4 1/8” or Size 1
4 1/4” or Size 2
4 3/8” or Size 3
4 1/2” or Size 4
4 5/8” or Size 5

Ratings from United States Racquet Stingers Association, Stringer’s Assistant, June 1997

Power Ratings:  728

Swing Weight:  341

Length:  27

Flex:  68


Methodology for Power Rating
All racquets were measured by the USRSA on the Babolat RDC.  The power ratings were calculated by the following  formula:  (Length X Head size X Flex)/10.  Length is determined by considering 27” = 1, 28” = 1.1, 28.5” = 1.15, 29” = 1.2, 26” = .9, etc.  This is essentially the same formula that Prince uses for its power ratings.  However, although the formula is the same, the USRSA performed the measurements under very different conditions and thus elicited different results.  Prince uses an RA test and performs all measurements on unstrung, ungripped (raw) frames and rounds results to the nearest 100 to create a range.  The USRSA tested gripped, strung racquets on the RDC and didn’t round.  So, don’t confuse the ratings - they’re not the same.  Same formula, different conditions, different results.  Most importantly, every racquet in the chart was measured the same way to produce consistent, comparative numbers.

Reprinted here with permission from Stringer’s Assistant, June 1997 edition.

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