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What teaching pros are saying

Bev Raws, Director of Tennis, Boston Athletic Club, Boston, Massachusetts

“The Blackburne Double Strung Racquet has improved and elevated my overall game at least one level  without adding extra practice time.”

“The racquet has improved my serves, lobs and drop shots by 50%.”

“It allows me to hit the ball straight regardless of where I hit it on the frame.”

“The racquet [is] easily worth an extra 8- 10 points in a single set."

Betsy Heidenberger, Director of Tennis, Former Touring Pro, The National Cathedral Tennis Center,
Washington, D.C.

“I like the power that I can generate.”

“It’s so easy on the arm.”

“I love the feel that I am getting.”

Laird Dunlop, Teaching Pro, Cape Fear Country Club, Wilmington, North Carolina

“The Blackburne has a beautiful sweet spot.  It’s powerful, yet soft.  I like the feel.  It’s very enjoyable.  It’s feel [is] almost the sensation of a wood racquet but with greater lightweight control and power.”

Ben Press, Head Tennis Professional , Del Cornado Hotel, Cornado, California

 “I’ve known about the Blackburne Double Strung for over 20 years, I believe it is a major innovation breakthrough for players of all levels.  I find it to be an outstanding learning tool.”

Jim Ridgley, USPTA, USPTR, Teaching Professional and Senior Player, Washington, D.C.

 “I picked up the Blackburne Double Strung and I just couldn’t put it down. Playing with it,  I won the USPTR 65 National Doubles Championship and was runner up in the Singles Championships.  I like the racquet.  The only problem with the racquet is getting people to change.  It’s much harder than you think.”

Russell Heir, Teaching Pro, Setauket Health & Racquet Club, East Setauket, New York

 “I think the 97 racquet hit extremely well and the head heaviness is actually a good benefit.  It lets the racquet do more of the work.”

Brad Falkner, Teaching Pro, Green Meadow Country Club, Alcoa, Tennessee

 “Mostly kids have tried it and they love it.  It’s great for spin shots and I am impressed with the racquet."

Scott Rosenbaum, Teaching Pro, Little Silver Tennis Club, Little Silver, New Jersey

 “It’s a really good overall racquet that allows me to generate so much more spin without changing my swing.”

“The ball goes so much straighter on anything mis-hit.”

“For the average 2.5- 3.0 player it definitely helps a great deal.”

John Bondea, Teaching Pro, Beverly Hills Country Club, Los Angeles, California

 “The racquet gives a player additional power.”

“For 5.0 -6.0 players who employ spin the racquet can be magic.”

I’ve got to have one!

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