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What seniors are saying

    “I picked up the Blackburne Double Strung and I just couldn’t put it down. Playing with it,  I won the USPTR 65 National Doubles Championship and was runner up in the Singles Championships.  I like the racquet.  The only problem with the racquet is getting people to change.  It’s much harder than you think
    Jim Ridgley, USPTA, USPTR, Senior Player and Teaching Professional, Washington, D.C.

    “It’s the best.”
    Carter Ward, Malibu, California

     “I am enjoying the extra power your racquet seems to generate.”
    Bob Cousy, Worcester, Massachusetts

    “I mis-hit 80% less.”
    Edward di Julio, Salem, South Carolina

    “I have arthritic hands.  The Blackburne is excellent.  I feel little or no pain when playing with it.”
    Mrs. Mary Rhuno, Nevada

    “The BB is terrific and does just what you say it will deliver.  For me, a B minus player who loves the game, it is just the ticket.  My service has improved no end as the racquet is very forgiving when the ball is hit off center.”
    Alexander MacCormick, New York, New York

I’ve got to have one!

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