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What pro stringers are saying

     “It’s not the easiest racquet to string, but it’s very straightforward and can be strung by any CRT (Certified Racquet Technician) and most professional stringers.”
    Don Hightower, Technical Director, USRSA , Del Mar, California

    “When I first saw the racquet, my thought was: what a nightmare!  After stringing 8-10 double strung racquets it just takes more time and string;  no  big deal.”
    Bob Horne, Teaching Pro and Professional Stringer, Winchester, Massachusetts

    “The response from my customers who have played with the demo is fantastic!  They all want to buy a Blackburne as is and have me customize it to their specific needs.  I am very excited about the possibilities of custom stringing the Blackburne to make it even more extraordinary.”
    Manny Baez, Professional Stringer, Cumming, Georgia

I’ve got to have one!

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