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The Basic Physics of the Blackburne Double Strung RacquetTM

Features that no or few other racquets have:

  1. Elimination of frame protrusion
  2. Increased hitting area (enlarged sweet spot)
  3. Stabilized frame
  4. Improved Response

“all of which combined enhance speed and distance of driving, accuracy and freedom from trauma to the players arm and albow.”
- George Freedman, Invent Resources, an independant engineering research lab.

The Dual Layer Racquet vs. conventional

1.  Elimination of the Frame Protrusion:
Since there are two independent string beds, one on each side of the frame, the protruding frame is eliminated.  The frustrating “frame shot” virtually disappears with the Blackburne Double Strung Racquet.TM

2.  Increased Hitting Area: 
The BB DS provides a clean hitting area almost double that of conventional racquets thus increasing sweet spot area.  This results in greater drive and ball speed - - while at the same time eliminating most rim effects - - resulting in greater consistency.

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3.  Stabilized Frame:
The construction stabilizes the frame, significantly lessening the oscillations, vibrations, twistings and undulations to which conventional racquets are prone when a hard drive is delivered.

The construction achieves this [stabilizing the frame] because it turns the racquet into a sort of BOX while the single strung racquet is more of a SLAB.

4.  Improved Response:
The dual stringbed construction causes the ball to bounce off the strings with greater speed than with single strung racquets because the springback-like effect of the first set of strings is reinforced by that of the second set.

Improved performance of A Dual Layer Racquet:

  • The whole is stronger than the components. 
  • Lower frame edges assist in providing desired spin to the ball without impacting the ball by a high projection.
  • Both string planes are coupled together through the leverage of the inward rotation of the connecting frame.
  • String plane edge rotates and temporarily sinks in, thus resulting in less string stretch.
  • Strings with less stretch do not make double contact with the rebounding ball.
  • The rear sheet of strings support the motion of the front sheets of strings, and without touching.
  • Two layer frame is not warped by impact and thus does not waste the warping energy.

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I'd like to see the racquet hit a ball.

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