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Tennis Racquets And Sport Equipment by Blackburne Racquets

Why use a Blackburne Double StrungTM?

Nearly 25 years ago, Robin Blackburne, a successful wine merchant, inventor and serious tennis player living on the island of Bermuda, was frustrated by the recurring problem of unfortunate “frame shots.”  As an inventor, he vowed that he would solve the nasty “frame shot” problem once and forever.
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L- conventional racquet
R- Blackburne

A Solution for “Frame Shots”
In a classic “Eureka Moment” he determined that by creating two independent string beds strung against the frame, the negative surface area created by the intersection of the frame and the strings would virtually eliminate the “frame shot” on all conventional racquets.  Today, this has been accomplished and the frustrating “frame shot” virtually disappears with the Blackburne Double Strung Racquet.TM

In the process of solving the problem with current advanced technology, the Blackburne Double Strung RacquetTM delivers a number of important benefits, for players of all ability levels.

A More Innovative Form
Traditional tennis racquet construction utilizes a 2 dimensional structure.  However, the two independent string beds of the Blackburne Double Strung work in concert with the frame to create a classic 3 dimensional structure.  Unique to the world of tennis, three dimensional structures have long been recognized and prized for superior mechanical strength and stability.  From airplane wings to suspension bridges, engineers have successfully employed three dimensional forms to create lightweight yet incredibly stable structures for centuries.

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L- conventional racquet
R- Blackburne

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L- conventional racquet
R- Blackburne
A Bigger Sweet Spot
Because the racquet has two sets of string beds which lie on either side of the frame, a perfect plane of strings is always be presented to the ball.  Every shot can be hit well regardless of where on the racquet the ball is hit and the “Sweet Spot” becomes the entire string surface.  To quantify the benefit, a tennis player will have nearly 30-40% extra hitting surface on the racquet face without having to increase the frame size.
A More Stable Sweet Spot
Because of the racquet’s unique, box-like construction, the racquet provides the perfect blend of resiliency without the undesirable plasticity or twisting or torque effect from the impact of the ball contact.  In addition to the basic benefits -from ground strokes, to serves, from volleys to overheads- the Blackburne makes a positive difference.
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L- conventional racquet
R- Blackburne

A More Confident Approach
Let’s face it, tennis has never been the easiest of games to learn and master.  The Blackburne gives players the confidence to take their game to a new edge!  Here are some of the Blackburne Double Strung’s playing advantages:

1.  Ground Strokes can be hit with heavy top spin or under-spin without ever catching the racquet’s trailing edge, a frequent occurrence that troubles even the most advanced players.  Thus, the BB 2 technology can save points that can mean the crucial difference between victory and defeat.

2.  Return of Service.  In particular, hard serves that regularly hit the receiver's frame or near the racquet’s edge are likely to be returned even if the frame is grazed.

3.  Hitting a Serve.  A serve can now be hit with greater slice and topspin.

4.  Volleys are struck a split second earlier and with more accuracy.

5.  Half-volleys, a shot that regularly finds the frame, is more easily hit for non-advanced players and will be a cleaner stroke for the more advanced players.

6.  The Topspin Lob, a challenging shot for all but the best tennis players, becomes a much easier shot for players at all levels because the trailing edge is no longer a concern.  Sufficient topspin and accuracy can be generated to allow for a lob winner and a great new weapon.

7.  The Inner Game benefits because -not unlike the revolution that was created in the game of golf with its respective new product innovation- the game becomes more fun for players while the BB 2 encourages them to take greater chances and make more interesting shots.  The racquet allows players of all levels to access a broader array of shots.  It makes the game easier and more fun for beginners and intermediate players while allowing advanced players to increase their confidence through greater consistency.

The BB 2 gives every player the mental power and inherent psychological advantage of using a sharper and better weapon!  It gives you the edge because it has no edge!


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