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What juniors are saying


    “I love my new Blackburne.  I feel like I’m generating lots more power with increased control.  I actually beat my father in straight sets which is no easy task.”
    K. P. Parkin, San Francisco, CA

    “I like it a lot!  Seems to have a very smooth swing.  I always seem to get the ball over the net.  Much more area to hit on the racket than others.”
    Annie Keough, Exeter, NH

    “The Blackburne is a wonderful racket.  It’s a little heavy, but it has a lot of power so that you don’t have to hit the ball that hard.”                                                 
    Laura Soucy, Boxford, MA

    “I like using the Blackburne because I can feel the power of my hit better than I can with my old racquet.  I dread using my old racket after I use the Blackburne.  I feel I am a better tennis player when I use the Blackburne.”
    Amanda Mullens, Gill, MA

    “It took me a while to adjust to the racquet, but after a couple of days’ play and now about four weeks I could never return back to my old racquet!  My game has become a lot more consistent and with more spin (both top and backspin).  The racquet has also given me a lot more confidence to go for outright winners.”
    Megan Tocknell, Victoria, Australia

I’ve got to have one!

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