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Tennis equipment by Blackburne Racquets, Inc.


The July/August Winner:
Scott Lovrien of Brooklyn, CT wrote:

I have played the game of tennis for 25 years. However, the last few years has been dedicated mostly to Golf. Why? I had lost my competitive "edge" over the years. Being one step slower and fighting tennis elbow made it even tougher to hold my own.

However, I recently accepted a match with a young tennis stud in Sicily. His fantastic tennis was surpassed by his enormous ego, and he enjoyed destroying us mortals a bit too much for my taste. Well, he proceeded to beat me from one end of the court to the other. My Hammer 3.8 had enough power but lacked control and of course that darned elbow starting hurting.

At the end of the first set I hit a smash on the end of the frame and broke my racquet. There I was, ready to slink off the court when a friend watching the clobbering told me to finish the match out with his raquet, a Blackburne. The stud on the other side got a real good laugh when he saw it. I admit even I was skeptical till I hit a few practice swings with it. Smooth, forgiving with alot of power. Hmmm. Needless to say, I was hooked and proceeded to hit ground strokes and serves with spin and power I hadn't had in years.

Did I win the match? Heck no. But I sure did learn a valuable lesson which is - Never laugh at something you don't understand and TRY A BLACKBURNE! You won't regret it, but your opponents will! As to my Golf clubs, they are collecting dust as my tennis game has taken on new life. Thanks Robin, you're a lifesaver!

Mr. Lovrien won a new Blackburne DS 107 and a six racquet bag.

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