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What competitive amateurs are saying

 “First time I picked the Blackburne Double Strung up it felt comfortable from day one.  It was much lighter than I had expected.  I had more kick in my serve and more accuracy at the net and I was able to beat some- one who has consistently beaten me.  It’s the most innovative racquet that I have ever played with!”
Mark Tedeschi , 5.0 player, Massachusetts

“The Blackburne Racquet has made a tremendous impact on my doubles game.  Not only has the larger sweet spot improved my volleys and overheads, but the angles with which they come off the string bed have completely baffled opponents and dazzled my partners.”
Lou Yanucci , 5.0 player, Massachusetts

“Really nice, soft feel ...no vibration...good control and power.”
Ben Carlo, 4.0 baseliner, Connecticut

“The racquet had a really nice feel on volleys, and I was able to serve with a lot of power and spin.”
Jason Kempf, 4.0 all-court player, Connecticut

“At first, I was not particularly fond of the double strung, but it was mainly because I was so used to my racket that I have played with for years.  After a few weeks of hitting with the Blackburne, I’m sold.  I now enjoy the racket very much.”
Angie Lombardo 3.5 player, Wooster, Ohio

“The double strung racket is very efficient and works well with spin. 
I find that you have lot more power with the racquet.  I find that going back to a single strung racket from the double strung racket is harder and I find that I hit far more shots into the net."
Danielle Cyr, 3.5 player, Caribou, Maine

I’ve got to have one!

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